Caring For Your Doll - Lifemate Dolls

How to Care For Your Lifemate Doll

Operating and Maintenance Instruction:
  1. Exterior layer is made of high standard, elastic property TPE (thermoplastic elastomers), which is a silicone derivative, coupled with epoxy resins in the firm body support and finely crafted skeleton.  All material is in compliance with national health and safety standards which is harmless to humans and environmentally friendly. 
  2. The finely crafted skeleton and joints allow the model to pose in stunning positions and styles within stipulated levels.  With a little imagination, she can be very human.  For durability, do not position in extreme stretched positions over a long period of time.  Although the elasticity of TPE material is marvelous, excessive stretching for long periods of time may result in deformation.   Always reposition the model to its original position, with hands rested downward, after use. 

  3. It is a standard procedure during manufacturing to mount and position its skeleton at precise points.  Various supports are attached during the injection process, thus there will be some small fillings to these holes which is not classified as manufacturing defects. 

  4. Avoid sharp objects or kneading with excessive strength. 

  5. It is strongly advised to test color fading of clothing prior to dressing your doll.  Should clothing show signs of fading, it is recommended not to put on your doll as stain could prove difficult to remove.  We will not be responsible for the consequences. 

  6. Do not over expose your doll to direct sunlight.  This will increase aging of TPE material and life span of the doll. 
  7.  Should creasing or pressure mark occur, apply warm towel to creased area. 

  8. Dust and dirt may be cleaned with mild washing detergent.  Gently handwash using caution to sharp objects such as fingernails and coarse materials which might damage the doll's surface.  When dried, apply powder provided or corn starch powder.  We strongly recommend periodical maintenance of your model.   

  9. Should your doll's surface be subjected to a scratch, cut or poke, apply TPE glue supplied to seal.  Clean defected area with makeup remover before gluing.  Ensure the defected surface is not in tension state when applying TPE glue.  Curing time is approximately half an hour.