FAQ - Lifemate Dolls

Buying and Shipping

Use and Maintainance

Are Lifemate Dolls operable for realistic sex?
These dolls are created to provide the realistic sexual pleasure as with a full-sized partner. Dolls are offered with either an insert or built-in opening that can be used for sex.

Is it safe to have sex with the dolls?
Yes. Sex with Lifemate dolls is 100% safe.  Our design confines the vaginal canal walls within safety limits to all internal anatomy.  There are no wires or sharp parts contained in any of our dolls. We include a cleaner in every purchase to be used before and after sex to ensure it's sanitary.

Are the dolls waterproof?
Yes. Our dolls are waterproof and will not absorb water.  These are solid TPE dolls, a silicone derivative, therefore, no air pockets.

Can the dolls be warmed for enjoyment?
Yes. Our dolls can be warmed in a hot bath or heating blanket and will retain the heat for some time. We do not recommend boiling the doll.

Can the dolls be used for anal and oral insertion?
Yes. All Lifemate Dolls are equipped with both anal and oral entries that are safe for use.

How do I care for my Lifemate doll?
Care for your doll as you would a human.  Her joints are designed to bend in human-like ways, so forcing in a wrong direction will cause permanent damage.  Do not use anything other than water-based lubricants.  Avoid dragging or rubbing against rough surfaces or subject to biting or extensive kneading.  To ensure many years of pleasure and companionship, it is advised to treat your Lifemate Doll with the utmost respect and care. Read more at Caring for Lifemate Doll

How often should my doll be cleaned?
Clean before and immediately after every use using mild soap and warm water.  We recommend keeping the doll in her breathable bag for protection from dirt and dust. Read more at Caring for Lifemate Doll

How do I store my doll?
Store your doll laying flat, if possible, with legs and arms slightly apart.  Avoid laying heavy objects on her as impressions could result.  Ensure that your doll is kept at room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight or very cold climate.

Can I customize my doll?
Every sex doll is custom-made for you based on the options you choose from each category such as head, eye color, nails, wig, etc.  It will be your own custom doll.

What is Lifemate Doll's return policy?
Due to the nature of this product, returns are not allowed under any circumstance, therefore, all sales are final.  Note that work commences upon payment clearance.

How soon will I receive my order?
Once payment has been received, your order will be processed and delivered to you as soon as 5 to 10 business days.   If your order is ready sooner, you will be notified. 

What is your shipping process?
Discretion is our policy -- all packages received from us will be marked discretely so no information with respect to the content will be indicated.  Packages are shipped worldwide via DHL or FEDEX.  You will be notified upon shipment of a tracking # and estimated delivery time/date.