Lifemate Dolls

155cm / 5ft 1in Doll

$2,900.00 USD $2,250.00 USD

Lifemate Dolls

155cm / 5ft 1in Doll

$2,900.00 USD $2,250.00 USD

Make your feature selections in each of the pull-down menus. Reference images below to help with your selections.

Build yourself a customizable Lifemate Doll. 

Full Specifications below

Height: 155cm
Weight: 66lbs (30kg)
Breast: 33.6"(85.5cm) / 25.1" (64cm)
Waist: 22.8"(60.5cm)
Hips: 33.8"(86cm)
Feet size: 7.8"(20cm)
Sex Enter: Oral, Vagina, Anal

Head Choice: 

Eyes Choice:

Skin Choice:

Finger Nail Choice:

Toe Nail Choice:

Pubic hair:


All Dolls come with: 1 vagina / penis cleaner, 1 USB heating stick, and extra repair silicone

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